When majority of 3DS rom flashcards manufacturers focus on software exploits hacking, remained on the 9.2 firmware version only till today, which made not perfect ending in 3DS hack fields. However, in this era of updated firmware constantly , 3DS users apparently tends to upgrade their 3ds consoles to the latest versions for more wonderful gaming experience with more flexible firmware , in other word, there are vast number of system version higher than 9.2 and occupy big percent , face to such harsh reality, there is a new revolutionary product called QQ3DS PRO emerged to be launched which leads hardware emulation hacking line on Christmas 2015. Will the QQ3DS PRO be winning the battle victory in high version system breaking (including the latest 10.3.0) ?


Developed by: QQ3DS Team
Sample provided by: 3DSflashkart.com

QQ3DS Team insteads of relying on exploits like the GW3DS/CFW, closely emulate an original Nintendo New 3DS/3DS/2DS cartridge. Firmware-independent, simple to use, fully compatible – it was a dream-come-true for many users. Sure, the cartridges weren’t perfect (The old Blue Button QQ3DS 3DS-mode card had a 31 games at a time limit until the SD structure was divided into sections, allowing for storing 95 games at a time), but they both had an incredible advantage – they were completely firmware-independent, which meant that they could run on latest firmware available, no fuss. Unfortunately, Nintendo found a way to prevent their latest games from running on the old QQ3DS via an AP patch to their latest games… what to do, what to do… Fear not! QQ3DS Team has a new amazing product for you guys, a brand-new QQ3DS revision! A flashcart to end all flashcarts, the QQ3DS PRO!

Follow us, and we will analyze together for this mysterious QQ3DS PRO, the amazing 3ds flashcard that playing any 3DS and DS games on Any Nintendo 3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS/XL/LL system with any firmware version, solved the AP checks, unlimited support firmware upgrade chip, with 16GB memory card inside, FAT32 format support drag&drop , plug&play,compatible with any 3DS/DS games to date.


※Support all 3DS and DS roms to date.
※Compatible with any region and firmware version of NEW 3DS/XL/LL, 2DS ,3DS/XL/LL, DSi/XL/LL,DSL/DS.
※AP checks solved , play any newest 3DS games more easily.
※Select 3DS games more simply, controlled by two buttons.
※Firmware unlimited upgradeable.
※Copy and play , FAT32 format support, no need diskwriter tool.
※Compatible 3rd party homebrews.(Ninjhax,rxtool,pasta,ntr,mgba…)
※High quality 16GB Micro SDHC memory card inside.

Package content



1x QQ3DS PRO 3DS-Mode card
1 x QQ3DS PRO DS-Mode card
1 x 16GB SanDisk Ultra Micro SDHC card
1 x USB card reader
1 x USB upgrade cable

Quick view
QQ3DS PRO 3DS-Mode card

Five big changes for QQ3DS Pro 3DS-mode card comparing with the old one

Change #1>> Buttons.


There are four major changes to the design. The first improves comfort of use. Previous revisions had a single game-changing button, making game-browsing a rather lengthy process if you had a large amount of games on your SD card. This button was replaced with a pair of Forwards/Backwards orange buttons, allowing you to switch games in both directions. This change, alongside a more optimized firmware which decreased game-switching time (to approx. 2 seconds, as tested on a Class 10 SD card), allows users to find the games they are looking for much faster than previously.

Change #2>> USB upgrade cable.


The inclusion of a Micro USB connector on the side of the unit. This allows the flashcart to work as a portable SD card reader – all you have to do to transfer or modify your SD’s contents is connect the cart to your PC via the Micro USB cable provided with the unit. This connector was added specifically to allow users to easily update the on-board firmware, which in turn would allow for circumvention of any future AP checks Nintendo might implement. Keep in mind that the transfer rate of the connector is rather slow – during testing it peaked at 358KB/S – it was not designed to transfer large files such as ROMs, so using an external SD card reader is recommended for anything other than quick settings modifications or firmware installation.

Change #3>> File System.


Involves the file system used. The previous QQ3DS flashcart used RAW data, requiring the user to use their DiskWriter utility and templates to write games onto their SD cards. The new version QQ3DS PRO no longer requires the DiskWriter anymore, as the filesystem was switched to standard FAT32. This means that in most cases all you can simply put your 3DS/DS ROMs onto the SD card is just drag & drop – it doesn’t get any simpler than that. Remember all the game limits imposed by the QQ3DS Blue button? Gone without a trace – pack that SD to the brim because QQ3DS PRO can handle it. The few games that have filesizes larger than 4GB (maximum filesize supported by FAT32) can be very easily trimmed, so it’s not a huge obstacle to overcome.

Change #4>> Chips.

Possibly the most ground-breaking – the QQ3DS PRO now uses a rewrite-able firmware chip. This means that in the event of Nintendo introducing any more Anti-Piracy measures in their games,QQ3DS Team will be able to roll out an update circumventing them. Sweet! So far, so great!

Change #5>> Memory card.


Added a High quantity 16GB SanDisk Ultra Micro SDHC card insided the package which you needn’t buy extra one like other flashcarts. Speed high  up to 48MB/s during transfer data. The QQ3DS team takes much care of users carefully and thoughtfully through the tiny improvement. That’s awesome!

QQ3DS PRO DS-Mode card

The QQ3DS PRO DS-Mode card itself is well built in my opinion (It even looks better than QQ3DS PRO 3DS-Mode card in material). It’s durable, quite sturdy and pretty hard to take apart. The microSD slot is smooth, I can easily put little force into it for the microSD card to get to the bottom of the slot and it was so simple to get it out of the slot again. The card shows up as Deep labyrinth Digital Bros on the New 3DS. When booted you will be greeted with the familiar Wood R4 firmware which is pretty straightforward in it’s use. The QQ3DS team included GBAtemp theme for the Wood firmware, but sure you can still use the other two themes if you’d like to.It’s supposed to make the card run faster and smoother than other ds flashcards. And it does, the firmware boots pretty quickly and the games take less than a second to load. The games also run really smooth as expected. I have had some trouble before with the start screen on Pokémon Black/White (2) which played incredibly slow, but there is no problem at all during playing with this card.


1. Download the newest QQ3DS PRO kernel from QQ3DS official site;
2. Format your Micro SDHC card in “FAT32”;
3. Extract the downloaded rar file and copy those inside files to the ROOT folder of your Micro SDHC card with drag some of your favorite 3DS and DS roms;
4. Play to enjoy 3DS&DS games with QQ3DS PRO freely.


Formatting SD cards with SD Formatter tends to give better results than using the standard Windows utility

how to use qq3ds pro

Once the SD card is correctly formatted, we can proceed to update the QQ3DS PRO firmware to the latest revision. The first batch of QQ3DS PRO carts rolled out to the market will be flashed with Firmware V4 – right now, the latest version is V10, so we might as well update it before we start using the flashcart. Slide your freshly-formatted SD card into your QQ3DS PRO and connect it to your PC with the provided Micro USB cable. At this point, Windows should install a new driver – Wario Mass Storage (Ha! Pun intended?). Once the driver is installed, you’re ready to update your firmware. To do so, place the “firmware.bin” file from QQ3DS’ website onto the root of your FAT32-formatted SD card. Once the file is in the root directory of your SD card, disconnect and re-connect it to your PC’s USB slot to supply it with power.

By default the QQ3DS PRO LED has three colours – Red, indicating EEPROM use, Green, indicating IC activity and White, indicating SD access

The QQ3DS PRO LED should start flashing red – this means that the EEPROM is currently being written into. Do not disconnect the cartridge while this LED is lit – it may cause damage to your cartridge. Once the light is off, the firmware update is complete – you can now remove the “firmware.bin” file and put the latest “gamelist.bin” file available on QQ3DS’s website onto the root of the SD card. The “gamelist.bin” file is the equivalent of old QQ3DS templates, it contains all the information necessary to boot your backups. Once this file is copied over, basic setup is complete – you can now fill your QQ3DS PRO up with ROMs and enjoy them to your heart’s content!

Advanced Setup

Upon the first boot, the QQ3DS PRO will create a “settings.txt” file with its default settings. This file can be edited at will in order to squeeze more out of your flashcart. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at all the advanced features this flashcart has to offer.


This is how the default “settings.txt” file looks like


At present, the “settings.txt” file is composed of 6 lines:

  • FIRMWARE_VERSION=X – this line informs the user which version of “firmware.bin” is currently flashed to the flashcart’s chip
  • CREATE_PER_GAME_SETTINGS=X – this line is used to create game-specific config files, set this option to 0 for default settings and 1 for custom config files. Config files supersede “gamelist.bin” and allow users to input their own Private ID’s which are necessary for safe Online play. Config files will be covered in detal in the next section.
  • HIGH_SPEED_ENABLED=X – this line is most likely used to toggle the transfer rate.
  • ACTIVITY_LED_COLOR=RGB – this line is set to select the colour of the activity LED. This allows you to personalize your cartridge’s notifications to your liking or disable them altogether. The syntax here is simple – XXYYZZ, XX for Red, YY for Green and ZZ for Blue, 00 for Disabled, FF for Enabled. You can mix and match colours, too! For instance, FF00FF will make the LED shine Pink, FFFFFF will make it shine White or FFFF00 will make it shine Orange.
  • EEPROM_LED_COLOR=RGB – see above, but for EEPROM R/W.
  • SD_LED_COLOR=RGB – see above, but for SD access.

Once the cartridge is set to create individual config files, the root of your SD card should look like this.

Once the CREATE_PER_GAME_SETTINGS option is Enabled (1), the QQ3DS PRO will start creating “GameName.cfg” files for each individual game, allowing you to modify its settings.

Note: Open the file settings.txt, add in the line “CREATE_PER_GAME_SETTINGS=1” and save it, once got the file “XXXXXXX.CFG” for that online game built in your microSD card, open it and replace the value of the “GAMESAVE_KEY” with your private header info(Unique_ID), save it and enjoy your online GAME play without ban risk!


This is how a sample config file looks like.

At present, the config files are composed as follows:

  • CART_ID – this value represents the cartridge ID of the ROM.
  • ENC_TYPE – this value represents the encryption type used for the binary.
  • ENC_SEED – this value represents the previously “Unknown ID” which turns out to be the encryption seed used. The config file gives a hint as to how users should go about obtaining this value, should they wish to boot software not available in the latest “gamelist.bin”.
  • FLASH_ID – this value represents the Flash ID of the ROM.
  • GAMESAVE_KEY – this value represents the cartridge-specific unique key used for save file encryption and online play. If a save file for the game is already present, this value is overridden by the QQ3DS PRO.
Useful Downloads

While using the QQ3DS PRO is pretty self-explanatory, Power Users who wish to squeeze the most out of their cartridge by trimming ROMs, using Private ID’s or running Out-of-Region ROMs will have to download additional software. Here’s a list of things you might want to consider downloading:

  • 3DS ROM Tool – This PC utility will allow you to Trim your .3ds files, allowing you to squeeze more games onto your SD cards as well as play games which surpass the 4GB filesize limit of the FAT32 system. It’s a command line tool, so if you’re more of a GUI person, check out the link below instead.
  • 3DSExplorer – This PC utility is a robust 3DS ROM explorer, it will allow you to read lots of relevant ROM data as well as Trim and Untrim your ROMs.
  • NINJHAX 2.5 -This 3DS utility by @smealum is your gateway to the wonderful world of 3DS homebrew, Region-Free gaming, performance modifications and more! This Beta build is compatible with the latest (10.3.0-X) firmware, too!
  • SD Formatter 4.0 – This PC utility is the ultimate SD cleaner. For best possible performance, stick your SD cart into your reader and give this bad boy a spin – you won’t regret it!
  • QQ3DS PRO kernel – This kernel basically used on playing 3ds and ds games with QQ3DS PRO.
3DS ROM Compatibility

By default, the QQ3DS Pro 3DS-Mode card only boots 3DS ROMs from the native region of the 3DS system in use, much like the previous QQ3DS cartridges. This is due to the fact that the flashcart operates as a cartridge emulator and has no means of circumventing the region lock. Fortunately, the QQ3DS PRO is compatible with NINJHAX and other similar homebrew solutions, allowing users to boot Out-of-Region ROMs with relative ease. Below you will find a list of games tested during the writing of this review. Games were tested on an New 3DS running 10.3.0-28J firmware and NINJHAX 2.5.

In-Region 3DS ROMs Tested:

  • Monster Hunter X (JAP) Works
  • Cubic Ninja (JPN) –Works
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening (JPN) –Works
  • Super Mario Land 3D (JPN) –Works
  • Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. (JPN) –Works
  • Naruto: Powerful Shippuden (JPN) Works
  • Rhythm Thief: The Emperor’s Treasure (JPN) –Works
  • Tales of the Abyss (JPN) –Works
  • Devil Survivor: Overclocked (JPN) –Works
  • Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D (JPN) –Works
  • Pokemon Art Academy (JPN) –Works
  • Paper Mario: Sticker Star (JPN) –Works
  • Mario Party: Island Tour (JPN) –Works
  • Mario Kart 7 (JPN) –Works
  • Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns (JPN) –Works
  • Super Pokemon Rumble (JPN) –Works
  • Resident Evil: Revelations (JPN) –Works
  • Bravely Default (JPN) –Works
  • Monster Hunter 4 (JPN) –Works
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby (JPN) –Works
  • Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward –Works
  • Scribblenauts Unlimited (JPN) –Works
  • Metal Gear Solid 3D – Snake Eater (JPN) –Works
  • Luigi’s Mansion 2 (JPN) –Works
  • Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (JPN) Works
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf (JPN) –Works
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (JPN) –Works
  • Dead or Alive: Dimensions (JPN) –Works
  • Castlevania: Mirror of Fate (JPN) Works
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (JPN) –Works

Out-of-Region 3ds ROMs can only be played on the QQ3DS PRO 3DS-Mode card via NINJHAX and its built-in Region-Free Launcher, RegionTHREE/FOUR and other compatible Regionlock-disabling solutions. Bear in mind that the Launcher is almost 100% compatible, so some Out-of-Region games may fail to boot, freeze or hang on Error/Warning screens.


Out-of-Region 3DS Games Tested:

  • Project X Zone 2: Brave New World (EUR) –PASS
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV (USA) – PASS
  • Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon (USA) – PASS
  • Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX (USA) –PASS
  • The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes (USA) – PASS
DS ROMs Compatibility

These games were tested on QQ3DS PRO DS-Mode card.

  • Beyblade Metal Fusion (USA): Worked perfectly
  • Medarot DS: Kabuto Ver. (JPN): Worked perfectly
  • Kingdom Hearts re:Coded (USA): Worked perfectly
  • Pokémon White 2 (USA): Worked perfectly
  • Pokémon Black 2 (USA): Worked perfectly
  • Pocket Monster White 2 (JPN): Worked perfectly
  • All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2 (JPN): Worked perfectly

So overall it also has an almost perfect NDS game compatibility.


Leonardo Da Vinci once said that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, and there’s a lot of truth to that statement. It’s hard not to like the QQ3DS PRO- it does everything it was designed to do and it does so great. It’s a massive improvement over the previous QQ3DS designs and, honestly, considering the fact that it’s firmware-independent, it’s just about the perfect flashcart for users who are not interested in overly complicated setups and want a flashcart that “just works”. Its only drawbacks are the slow transfer rate of the micro USB connector, which isn’t a big deal considering the fact that it wasn’t designed for high speed in the first place, and the lack of native Homebrew support or Region-Free launching which, as seen above, can be easily mitigated with NINJHAX. If you were ever interested in getting a QQ3DS cartridge, this is the time to get one – it doesn’t get much better than this.

Final Decision

+ Good build quality – an improvement over the previous revisions

+ Ease of use, the cartridge is almost entirely operated by drag & drop. The use of the FAT32 file system instead of DiskWriter’s RAW SD structure allows for file management on just about any device that accepts SD cards

+ Replacing the single button with a Forwards/Backwards button pair greatly improved navigation of the ROMs on the SD card

+ The optimized firmware greatly reduced the time it takes to switch games

+ The Micro USB port allows for quickly modifying the SD contents without carrying any extra hardware other than a USB cable

+ The generated game-specific Config files make using Private headers substantially easier than on the previous revisions which required modifying or generating private templates

+ Updatable firmware makes this project much more future-proof than its predecessors

+ The cartridge is fully compatible with NINJHAX 2.5, allowing for the use of Homebrew and booting Out-of-Region 3DS ROMs

+ Fast loading times and smooth 3DS AND DS gameplay

+ Almost perfect NDS and 3DS game compatibility

+ Cost-effective. Package covered almost all you want


– The micro USB port’s transfer rate is currently highly restrictive, peaking at 355kbps, making it unsuitable for large file transfers

– The firmware can be temperamental and picky when it comes to SD cards – always format the SD with SD Formatter before using it in the flashcart to ensure optimal operation

– The 4GB filesize limitation forces you to trim large roms – implementing exFAT would’ve solved that issue

– Due to the nature of how this flashcart operates, it doesn’t support Homebrew or Region-Free launching natively


out of 10

The QQ3DS PRO is the perfect flashcart for the “lazy gamer”. It’s no-nonsense plug & play at its finest – you throw any 3DS/DS ROMs at it and it just works. The prototype I was handed was admittedly not fully polished, but with each subsequent firmware update I could see that it performs better and better. Now that it’s close to release, I’m sure I can recommend this product – it’s just like the previous QQ3DS carts, except better, in just about every way. Here’s for hoping that  QQ3DS Team continues to update it regularly, I’m excited to think what the next firmware update will bring.

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